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Examples of how to use Utilities.Profile capabilities.

Profile Examples

ASCOM Profile Examples
Public Class ProfileExamples
    Sub Example()
        'Define variables for ASCOM Profile, Subkeys and values
        Dim Prof As ASCOM.Utilities.Profile
        Dim SubKeys, Values As ArrayList

        Const MOUNT_PROGID As String = "MyTestMount.Telescope"
        Const TELESCOPE_1 As String = "Telescope 1"
        Const TELESCOPE_2 As String = "Telescope 2"

        'Set up the profile object
        Prof = New ASCOM.Utilities.Profile 'Create a profile object and set its device type
        Prof.DeviceType = "Telescope"

        'Check whether we are registered, if not then register out test mount
        If Not Prof.IsRegistered(MOUNT_PROGID) Then
            Prof.Register(MOUNT_PROGID, "MyTestMount really is a great mount!")
        End If

        'Set and read some values
        Prof.WriteValue(MOUNT_PROGID, "Elevation", CStr(100)) ' Write a value in the root
        Prof.CreateSubKey(MOUNT_PROGID, TELESCOPE_1) 'Create a Telescope1 sub-key
        Prof.WriteValue(MOUNT_PROGID, "Focal Length", TELESCOPE_1, CStr(1445)) ' Write a value in Telescope1 key
        Prof.WriteValue(MOUNT_PROGID, "Aperture", TELESCOPE_1, CStr(280)) ' Write a value in Telescope1 key
        Prof.CreateSubKey(MOUNT_PROGID, TELESCOPE_2)
        Prof.WriteValue(MOUNT_PROGID, "Focal Length", TELESCOPE_2, CStr(600)) ' Write a value in the Telescope2 key
        Prof.WriteValue(MOUNT_PROGID, "Aperture", TELESCOPE_2, CStr(80)) ' Write a value in Telescope1 key
        MsgBox("Elevation is: " & Prof.GetValue(MOUNT_PROGID, "Elevation")) 'Read values back
        MsgBox("Telescope2 focal length is: " & Prof.GetValue(MOUNT_PROGID, "Focal Length", "Telescope2"))

        'Get a list of subkeys
        SubKeys = Prof.SubKeys(MOUNT_PROGID, TELESCOPE_1)
        For Each kvp As ASCOM.Utilities.KeyValuePair In SubKeys
            MsgBox("SubKey: " & kvp.Key & " default value: " & kvp.Value)

        'Get a list of values held in the "Telescope 1" subkey
        Values = Prof.Values(MOUNT_PROGID, TELESCOPE_1)
        For Each kvp As ASCOM.Utilities.KeyValuePair In Values
            MsgBox("Name: " & kvp.Key & " value: " & kvp.Value)

        'Enumerate the installed Device Types and devices installed
        For Each DeviceType As String In Prof.RegisteredDeviceTypes 'Get each device type in turn
            MsgBox("Listing " & DeviceType & " devices")
            For Each Device As ASCOM.Utilities.KeyValuePair In Prof.RegisteredDevices(DeviceType) 'List devices
                MsgBox("Found ProgID: " & Device.Key & ", Device: " & Device.Value)

        'Clean up and dispose of the profile object
        Prof.Unregister(MOUNT_PROGID) ' Unregister our test mount
        Prof = Nothing
    End Sub
End Class