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Version 6.0 SP1

Key Changes in 6.0 SP1 - For Everyone
  • Add build version to the install log
  • During uninstall, request that the user seeks help before uninstalling and reinstalling the Platform, since this usually doesn't fix issues.
  • Improve backward compatibility when installers are renamed before execution
Key Changes in 6.0 SP1 - For Developers
  • Added transform ALT/AZ to RA/DEC to ASCOM.Astrometry.Transform
  • Added USNO NOVAS3.1 to the Astrometry namespace
  • Driver assemblies located in the Global Assembly Cache are now supported
  • Document how to migrate from the Astro32 DLL and provide extra features to support easy migration
  • Util.JulianDate - Clarify that the returned date is based on Terrestrial Time
  • ICameraV2 - Make ReadoutMode Read-Write instead of Read-Only to meet the interface specification
  • Exception handling in common device methods is now consistently documented in the Developer Help and only refers to ASCOM defined exceptions.
  • Added AstroUtils component to the Astrometry namespace. This contains useful basic routines to:
    • Condition hour angle, right ascension and declination into their standard ranges.
    • Condition any number into a given range
    • Provide an estimate of the current value of DeltaT
    • Provide the current Julian date on the Terrestrial Time timescale
    • Provide the current Julian date on the UT1 timescale
Issues Fixed - Platform
  • TrackingRates enumeration in Telescope template does not work correctly in an out-of-proc com service
  • Telescope.NET simulator does not do RA/Dec rate offsets
  • The Platform 5 compatibility Client Toolkit does not fully implement interface ASCOM.Interfaces.ISwitch
  • nFOCUS Installers missing from ForcePlatformVersion
  • Correct missing DeltaT value in Transform internal calculations
  • Transform AzimuthTopocentric and ElevationTopocentric methods to not return current values on repeated calls
  • DriverAccess.Telescope returns an empty AxisRates object for a .NET ITelescopeV2 driver
  • DriverAccess does not handle exceptions properly for Platform 5 .NET in-process drivers
  • Use of System Restore can prevent the Platform installer from running
  • The Platform Installer final dialog says that everything was successful even when UninstallASCOM or FinaliseInstall fail
  • Chooser won't select driver if the description is blank or missing
  • Profile.Register does not refresh a missing driver description if the driver is already registered
Issues Fixed - Development
  • LocalServer Template - Prevent exit if references to served objects
  • Missing Intellisense in developer install
  • LocalServer template doesn't expand correctly
  • Updated NOVAS2 help to record that it cannot create ephemeris predictions for Planets except Earth.
  • Updated Driver Install Script Generator to create templates that test for existance of Platform 6 rather than Platform 5.5.
Breaking Changes (For Developers)
  • None.