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VelocityVectorSetFromSite Method

Initialize the VelocityVector from a Site object and Greenwich Apparent Sdereal Time.

Namespace:  ASCOM.Astrometry.NOVASCOM
Assembly:  ASCOM.Astrometry (in ASCOM.Astrometry.dll) Version: 3c9121baba46811fe6e53a58a05935662261416d
public bool SetFromSite(
	Site site,
	double gast


Type: ASCOM.Astrometry.NOVASCOMSite
The Site object from which to initialize
Type: SystemDouble
Greenwich Apparent Sidereal Time

Return Value

Type: Boolean
True if OK or throws an exception
The velocity vector is that of the observer with respect to the Earth's center of mass. The GAST parameter must be for Greenwich, not local. The time is rotated through the site longitude. See SetFromSiteJD() for an equivalent method that takes UTC Julian Date and optionally Delta-T (eliminating the need for calculating hyper-accurate GAST yourself).
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