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CacheGet Method (String, Double)

Retrieve an object from the cache with the given name, restricting maximum call frequency to the range 2 to 1000 calls per second if required.

Namespace:  ASCOM.Utilities
Assembly:  ASCOM.Cache (in ASCOM.Cache.dll) Version: 3c9121baba46811fe6e53a58a05935662261416d
public Object Get(
	string Key,
	double MaximumCallFrequency


Type: SystemString
Name of this item in the cache. The key is case sensitive.
Type: SystemDouble
Maximum number of retrievals per second that are to be allowed for this item. A value of 0.0 will disable throttling. See Dispose for further information.

Return Value

Type: Object
The requested object if present in the cache or a "NotInCacheException" if there is no item in the cache that has the supplied name.
InvalidValueExceptionWhen Key is null or empty.
InvalidValueExceptionWhen MaximumCallFrequency is not 0.0 and is outside the range 2.0 to 1000.0.
NotInCacheExceptionWhen there is no item in the cache with the supplied key.
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