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ASCOM.Controls Namespace

ASCOM.Controls Namespace


This namespace contains components to enhance the user's visual experience.

Public classCode exampleAnnunciator Obsolete.

Wikipedia: An annunciator panel is a group of lights used as a central indicator of status of equipment or systems in an aircraft, industrial process, building or other installation. Usually the annunciator panel includes a main warning lamp or audible signal to draw the attention of operating personnel to the annunciator panel for abnormal events or conditions.

The Anunciator control provides a simple, standard method of displaying a status notification to the user within a Windows Forms application. Anunciators are best used with the companion AnnunciatorPanel control, although they can be placed anywhere on a Windows Form. The control can be used to provide simple On/Off status displays or can be configured to blink with various levels of urgency so that it can represent alarm conditions.

An anunciator may represent the slewing state of a telescope. It would be represented by the word "SLEW". When the telescope is stationary, the anunciator remains inactive. When the telescope begins to slew, the anunciator is set to BlinkFast to alert the user that the equipment is in motion.

Each anunciator has active and inactive states. When inactive, the control displays in a subdued colour that is readable but does not draw attention. When active, the control will display in a stronger, more visible colour and will either have a steady state or will blink in one of a number of predefined cadence patterns. The cadence patterns are fixed and not user-definable, so that a standard 'look and feel' is promoted accross different applications.

Whilst the user is at liberty to choose different colours for both ActiveColor and InactiveColor, The default colours have been chosen to look similar to earlier applications that use similar displays and the defaults are highly recommended for most circumstances. The control's background colour is inherited from the parent control (which should normally be an AnnunciatorPanel) and is not directly settable by the user.

Public classAnnunciatorPanel Obsolete.
A panel control for grouping and arranging Annunciator controls. This control inherits most of its behaviour from the FlowLayoutPanel base class, but provides some defaults that are appropriate for use with ASCOM.
Public classCadenceManager Obsolete.
Manages objects that must be toggled on and off in a regular pattern over time. This is known as a cadence. CadenceManager is intended primarily for Windows Forms controls, but can be used for any item that implements the ICadencedControl interface.
Public classLedIndicator Obsolete.
Provides a status indicator modeled on a bi-colour red/green LED lamp. The lamp can be red or green and (traffic light colours) and can be steady or can flash with a choice of different cadences.
Public enumerationCadencePattern
Cadence patterns for blinking LEDs. Cadences are based on 32-bit unsigned integers, such that the ordinal value of each item represents a bit mask that can be used directly in an update routine.
Public enumerationTrafficLight
The TrafficLight enumeration may be used in any situation where a Normal/Warning/Error status indication is needed.