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ICameraV2FastReadout Property

Gets or sets Fast Readout Mode

Namespace:  ASCOM.DeviceInterface
Assembly:  ASCOM.DeviceInterfaces (in ASCOM.DeviceInterfaces.dll) Version: 3c9121baba46811fe6e53a58a05935662261416d
bool FastReadout { get; set; }

Property Value

Type: Boolean
true for fast readout mode, false for normal mode
PropertyNotImplementedExceptionThrown if CanFastReadout is false.
NotConnectedExceptionThrown if the driver is not connected and a connection is required to obtain this information.

Must throw a PropertyNotImplementedException if CanFastReadout is false or return a boolean value if CanFastReadout is true.

Must thrown an exception if no connection is established to the camera. Must throw a PropertyNotImplementedException if CanFastReadout returns false.

Many cameras have a "fast mode" intended for use in focusing. When set to true, the camera will operate in Fast mode; when set false, the camera will operate normally. This property, if implemented, should default to False.

Please note that this function may in some cases interact with ReadoutModes; for example, there may be modes where the Fast/Normal switch is meaningless. In this case, it may be preferable to use the ReadoutModes function to control fast/normal switching.

If this feature is not available, then CanFastReadout must return false.

This is only available for the Camera Interface Version 2

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