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IObservingConditionsWindGust Property

Peak 3 second wind gust at the observatory over the last 2 minutes

Namespace:  ASCOM.DeviceInterface
Assembly:  ASCOM.DeviceInterfaces (in ASCOM.DeviceInterfaces.dll) Version: 3c9121baba46811fe6e53a58a05935662261416d
double WindGust { get; }

Property Value

Type: Double
Wind gust (m/s) Peak 3 second wind speed over the last 2 minutes
PropertyNotImplementedExceptionIf this property is not available.
NotConnectedExceptionIf the device is not connected and this information is only available when connected.

Optional property, can throw a PropertyNotImplementedException

The units of this property are metres per second. Driver and application authors can use the ConvertUnits(Double, Units, Units) method to convert these units to and from miles per hour or knots.
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