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FocuserTemperature Property

Current ambient temperature in degrees Celsius as measured by the focuser.

Namespace:  ASCOM.DriverAccess
Assembly:  ASCOM.DriverAccess (in ASCOM.DriverAccess.dll) Version: 3c9121baba46811fe6e53a58a05935662261416d
public double Temperature { get; }

Property Value

Type: Double



Raises an exception if ambient temperature is not available. Commonly available on focusers with a built-in temperature compensation mode.

Clarification - October 2019

Historically no units were specified for this property. Henceforth, if applications need to process the supplied temperature, they should proceed on the basis that the units are degrees Celsius for consistency with Temperature. Conversion to other temperature units can be achieved through the ConvertUnits(Double, Units, Units) utility method.

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