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IEphemeris Properties

The IEphemeris type exposes the following members.

Public propertya
Semi-major axis (AU)
Public propertyBodyType
The type of solar system body represented by this instance of the ephemeris engine (enum)
Public propertye
Orbital eccentricity
Public propertyEpoch
Epoch of osculation of the orbital elements (terrestrial Julian date)
Public propertyG
Slope parameter for magnitude
Public propertyH
Absolute visual magnitude
Public propertyIncl
The J2000.0 inclination (deg.)
Public propertyM
Mean anomaly at the epoch
Public propertyn
Mean daily motion (deg/day)
Public propertyName
The name of the body.
Public propertyNode
The J2000.0 longitude of the ascending node (deg.)
Public propertyNumber
The major or minor planet number
Public propertyP
Orbital period (years)
Public propertyPeri
The J2000.0 argument of perihelion (deg.)
Public propertyq
Perihelion distance (AU)
Public propertyz
Reciprocal semi-major axis (1/AU)
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