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Earth Properties

The Earth type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBarycentricPosition
Earth barycentric position
Public propertyBarycentricTime
Earth barycentric time
Public propertyBarycentricVelocity
Earth barycentric velocity
Public propertyEarthEphemeris
Ephemeris object used to provide the position of the Earth.
Public propertyEquationOfEquinoxes
Earth equation of equinoxes
Public propertyHeliocentricPosition
Earth heliocentric position
Public propertyHeliocentricVelocity
Earth heliocentric velocity
Public propertyMeanObliquity
Earth mean objiquity
Public propertyNutationInLongitude
Earth nutation in longitude
Public propertyNutationInObliquity
Earth nutation in obliquity
Public propertyTrueObliquity
Earth true obliquity
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