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Star Properties

The Star type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCatalog
Three character catalog code for the star's data
Public propertyDeclination
Mean catalog J2000 declination coordinate (degrees)
Public propertyDeltaT
The value of delta-T (TT - UT1) to use for reductions.
Public propertyEarthEphemeris
Ephemeris object used to provide the position of the Earth.
Public propertyName
The catalog name of the star (50 char max)
Public propertyNumber
The catalog number of the star
Public propertyParallax
Catalog mean J2000 parallax (arcsec)
Public propertyProperMotionDec
Catalog mean J2000 proper motion in declination (arcsec/century)
Public propertyProperMotionRA
Catalog mean J2000 proper motion in right ascension (sec/century)
Public propertyRadialVelocity
Catalog mean J2000 radial velocity (km/sec)
Public propertyRightAscension
Catalog mean J2000 right ascension coordinate (hours)
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