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IObservingConditions Properties

The IObservingConditions type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAveragePeriod
Gets And sets the time period over which observations will be averaged
Public propertyCloudCover
Amount of sky obscured by cloud
Public propertyConnected
Set to True to connect to the device hardware. Set to False to disconnect from the device hardware. You can also read the property to check whether it is connected. This reports the current hardware state.
Public propertyDescription
Returns a description of the device, such as manufacturer and model number. Any ASCII characters may be used.
Public propertyDewPoint
Atmospheric dew point at the observatory
Public propertyDriverInfo
Descriptive and version information about this ASCOM driver.
Public propertyDriverVersion
A string containing only the major and minor version of the driver.
Public propertyHumidity
Atmospheric humidity at the observatory
Public propertyInterfaceVersion
The interface version number that this device supports. Must return 1 for this interface version.
Public propertyName
The short name of the driver, for display purposes
Public propertyPressure
Atmospheric pressure at the observatory
Public propertyRainRate
Rain rate at the observatory
Public propertySkyBrightness
Sky brightness at the observatory
Public propertySkyQuality
Sky quality at the observatory
Public propertySkyTemperature
Sky temperature at the observatory
Public propertyStarFWHM
Seeing at the observatory measured as star full width half maximum (FWHM) in arc secs.
Public propertySupportedActions
Returns the list of custom action names supported by this driver.
Public propertyTemperature
Temperature at the observatory
Public propertyWindDirection
Wind direction at the observatory
Public propertyWindGust
Peak 3 second wind gust at the observatory over the last 2 minutes
Public propertyWindSpeed
Wind speed at the observatory
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