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Dome Properties

The Dome type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAltitude
The dome altitude (degrees, horizon zero and increasing positive to 90 zenith).
Public propertyAtHome
Indicates whether the dome is in the home position. Raises an error if not supported.

This is normally used following a FindHome operation. The value is reset with any azimuth slew operation that moves the dome away from the home position.

AtHome may also become true durng normal slew operations, if the dome passes through the home position and the dome controller hardware is capable of detecting that; or at the end of a slew operation if the dome comes to rest at the home position.

Public propertyAtPark
True if the dome is in the programmed park position.
Public propertyAzimuth
The dome azimuth (degrees, North zero and increasing clockwise, i.e., 90 East, 180 South, 270 West)
Public propertyCanFindHome
True if driver can do a search for home position.
Public propertyCanPark
True if driver is capable of setting dome altitude.
Public propertyCanSetAltitude
True if driver is capable of setting dome altitude.
Public propertyCanSetAzimuth
True if driver is capable of setting dome azimuth.
Public propertyCanSetPark
True if driver can set the dome park position.
Public propertyCanSetShutter
True if driver is capable of automatically operating shutter.
Public propertyCanSlave
True if the dome hardware supports slaving to a telescope.
Public propertyCanSyncAzimuth
True if driver is capable of synchronizing the dome azimuth position using the Dome.SyncToAzimuth method.
Public propertyConnected
Set True to connect to the device hardware. Set False to disconnect from the device hardware. You can also read the property to check whether it is connected. This reports the current hardware state.
(Inherited from AscomDriver.)
Public propertyDescription
Returns a description of the device, such as manufacturer and modelnumber. Any ASCII characters may be used.
(Inherited from AscomDriver.)
Public propertyDriverInfo
Descriptive and version information about this ASCOM driver.
(Inherited from AscomDriver.)
Public propertyDriverVersion
A string containing only the major and minor version of the driver.
(Inherited from AscomDriver.)
Public propertyInterfaceVersion
The interface version number that this device supports.
(Inherited from AscomDriver.)
Public propertyName
The short name of the driver, for display purposes
(Inherited from AscomDriver.)
Public propertyShutterStatus
Status of the dome shutter or roll-off roof.
Public propertySlaved
True if the dome is slaved to the telescope in its hardware, else False.
Public propertySlewing
True if any part of the dome is currently moving, False if all dome components are steady.
Public propertySupportedActions
Returns the list of custom action names supported by this driver.
(Inherited from AscomDriver.)
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