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IVideo Interface

Defines the IVideo Interface.

Namespace:  ASCOM.DeviceInterface
Assembly:  ASCOM.DeviceInterfaces (in ASCOM.DeviceInterfaces.dll) Version: 3c9121baba46811fe6e53a58a05935662261416d
public interface IVideo

The IVideo type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBitDepth
Reports the bit depth the camera can produce.
Public propertyCameraState
Returns the current camera operational state.
Public propertyCanConfigureDeviceProperties
Returns True if the driver supports custom device properties configuration via the ConfigureDeviceProperties method.
Public propertyConnected
Set True to connect to the device hardware. Set False to disconnect from the device hardware. You can also read the property to check whether it is connected. This reports the current hardware state.
Public propertyDescription
Returns a description of the device, such as manufacturer and model number. Any ASCII characters may be used.
Public propertyDriverInfo
Descriptive and version information about this ASCOM driver.
Public propertyDriverVersion
A string containing only the major and minor version of the driver.
Public propertyExposureMax
The maximum supported exposure (integration time) in seconds.
Public propertyExposureMin
The minimum supported exposure (integration time) in seconds.
Public propertyFrameRate
The frame rate at which the camera is running.
Public propertyGain
Index into the Gains array for the selected camera gain.
Public propertyGainMax
Maximum value of Gain.
Public propertyGainMin
Minimum value of Gain.
Public propertyGains
Gains supported by the camera.
Public propertyGamma
Index into the Gammas array for the selected camera gamma.
Public propertyGammaMax
Maximum value of Gamma.
Public propertyGammaMin
Minimum value of Gamma.
Public propertyGammas
Gammas supported by the camera.
Public propertyHeight
Returns the height of the video frame in pixels.
Public propertyIntegrationRate
Index into the SupportedIntegrationRates array for the selected camera integration rate.
Public propertyInterfaceVersion
The interface version number that this device supports. Should return 1 for this interface version.
Public propertyLastVideoFrame
Returns an IVideoFrame with its ImageArray property populated.
Public propertyName
The short name of the driver, for display purposes.
Public propertyPixelSizeX
Returns the width of the CCD chip pixels in microns.
Public propertyPixelSizeY
Returns the height of the CCD chip pixels in microns.
Public propertySensorName
Sensor name.
Public propertySensorType
Type of colour information returned by the the camera sensor.
Public propertySupportedActions
Returns the list of custom action names supported by this driver.
Public propertySupportedIntegrationRates
Returns the list of integration rates supported by the video camera.
Public propertyVideoCaptureDeviceName
The name of the video capture device when such a device is used.
Public propertyVideoCodec
Returns the video codec used to record the video file.
Public propertyVideoFileFormat
Returns the file format of the recorded video file, e.g. AVI, MPEG, ADV etc.
Public propertyVideoFramesBufferSize
The size of the video frame buffer.
Public propertyWidth
Returns the width of the video frame in pixels.
Public methodAction
Invokes the specified device-specific custom action.
Public methodConfigureDeviceProperties
Displays a device properties configuration dialog that allows the configuration of specialized settings.
Public methodDispose
Dispose the late-bound interface, if needed. Will release it via COM if it is a COM object, else if native .NET will just dereference it for GC.
Public methodSetupDialog
Launches a configuration dialog box for the driver. The call will not return until the user clicks OK or cancel manually.
Public methodStartRecordingVideoFile
Starts recording a new video file.
Public methodStopRecordingVideoFile
Stops the recording of a video file.
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